Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Springs For Her Desert

I met a resourceful woman of virtue in the Book of Judges who struck a chord in my heart. Becoming acquainted with her opened my eyes and tied some loose ends for me on an important issue. She fanned my passion to flame and motivated me to take my pursuit of a dream to the next level. She challenged me not to settle for the status quo but to take the step of faith and lay hold of what is mine according to the promises of God. Her name is Acsah, the daughter of Caleb and the wife of Othniel.
Her father would give her in marriage only to a courageous man of valor who would wholeheartedly pursue the promise of God and possess the land of Kirjath-sepher (Judges 1:11-15).  Othniel won the battle and Acsah became his bride. She encouraged her husband to ask her father for a field. She was given Negev for her inheritance. Negev was an arid desert. She knew what she needed to make what she had been given viable. She took the step of faith and went to her father. She asked for a favor, she wanted a spring for her field and she got a double portion.
She is the daughter of the man who had said to Joshua, “Give me this mountain of which the Lord has spoken in that day … I shall be able to drive them out.” Caleb drove out the formidable race of the Anakims from his promised inheritance. He was not afraid but he had faith in God. He went out with boldness to claim what has been promised him. He was not prepared to miss out on the fullness of his promised possession neither was he going to accommodate strangers in his promised land. She learnt from her father how to aggressively pursue after the promise of God. She said “Give me a blessing …” in the same manner as her father. She exhibited the same confidence in God as her father and asked for springs for the land she was given as inheritance. Not to fight to possess the promise God has given us is apathetic, undesirable and act of unbelief.
Acsah represents a woman who will not be denied her full inheritance. “She took the initiative to procure a greater blessing for her husband’s progeny” through her request for the springs. She is an example of the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 who in verse 16 considers new fields prudently—giving sound considerations to new initiatives. She is proactive and actively sought after the fullness of God’s promise.
Acsah is definitely not the picture of someone who is unconcerned or in passive acceptance of her lot. Rather, she is assertive, forward looking and a blessing to her husband and their descendants. She is a woman who not only can dream but is willing to take the next steps to make her dream a reality. Based on her sound understanding of the promises of God, she asked according to the will of God and she received.
If you read the story of Acsah in the context of her environment, you will note that the tribes of Israel did not drive out the enemies out of the land in their entirety as God had commanded but they accommodated them. However, Acsah, Othniel and Caleb stood out as those who would not accommodate strangers in their Promised Land but fight to possess it.
What are you accommodating in your life that you ought to take aggressive steps to drive out? What are those things that are harassing you and you have shown no inherent desire to deal with?
Do not be passive, satisfied with your lot as it is or rest on your laurels because you have made some progress but seek to possess the fullness of God’s promise for your life. Do not settle for anything less than the fullness of God’s promise for you in every sphere of your life.
What do you need to make your desert viable and vibrant? Will you decide today to go beyond thinking about the problems, unfulfilled dreams and desires? Will take the step of faith based on the understanding of God’s Word and reach to the next level?
I share with you this beautiful poem from windows and mirrors:
Acsah shows no fear
She sees her desert
And asks for water…

See the link for the full poem

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