Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Unexpected

Deadlines to meet
Unfinished tasks to complete
List of things to do as long as my arm
Can't run in circles
Don't dissipate energy
“Get organized, stay focused,” I heard
Like a broken record
playing over and over again

With care I planned,
no loose ends untied
Then the phone rang
The Unexpected paid me a visit
Roaring like a twisting tornado
It touched down at my doorstep
In a twinkling of an eye
my plans spiraled out of control
But not only mine
All around me were touched

The swift twist left me giddy
Like one on a run-away carousel
It threw me off balance
“What do you do?”
“How does one plan for the Unexpected?”
“How do you prepare for the Unanticipated?”
If anyone knows, please tell me.
I wish I had the foresight to see it coming
But that is why it is called,
the Unexpected

Not a moment to spare
There is a mess to clear
The Unplanned
The Unscheduled
Is now the priority
demanding urgent attention!

Even in all of these,
I must have a thankful heart
And a joyful spirit.
Yes, in all things
I have learnt to give thanks
But a part of me is still groaning
That I must put under.

Still reeling from the giddy swirl
I found a while later
The Unexpected left me a package
Unraveled it revealed
a cocktail of potent potions
A blessing in mysterious guise
it must be
Like a triple barrel cannon,
if it were possible,
bombarding an enemy’s camp with fury
The potent potion dealt deadly blows
on the termites devouring my fields
The Unexpected visited them.

I should have known,
He will always work it together for my good.
They say the potion may take me on a spin
But this time I am prepared
It will not catch me unaware

The Unexpected brought a change
A change led to a detour
The detour added a new layer
The plot thickens like a rich cake
And the story is richer for it
At the end of it
I will be vibrant

The next time life brings you
the Unexpected
And you wonder what to do
Embrace it, within it lies a blessing
Ultimately, He will work it together for your good.

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose."
Romans 8:28

Pleased to share with you

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