Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fall Back On Me

Do you know the trust game? You most likely would have come across one version of the game or the other as a child playing with friends and siblings, as a teen in youth group meetings or as an adult during team-building or management training events.
You close your eyes, fold your hands across your chest, fall backwards and hope that you are caught by your friend, sibling or other members of your team. The game teaches the value of trust. It is often used to encourage mutual trust and confidence within a team. Once you overcome the initial fear and doubt, faith arises that you will be saved from falling to the ground.

However, in the storms of life, we can not depend on those standing behind us because in all their best intentions and desire to catch and save us from falling, they may fail to do so. We can not put our trust in the arm of flesh at such times (Is 31:1-3). It will be futile to put confidence in flesh and to trust in the wisdom of men.
At such times when we are visited by life, God calls out to us to fall back on Him. He promises to catch us and save us from falling. Yet one of the most difficult things for us to do is to rest, lean on and totally depend on God to take care of us. We exalt personality traits of independence, strength and ability to be in control. Many of us have been brought up to be self reliant. We want answers and solutions to the problems facing us and we want it right away. We want to know how and when things will work out. But God is asking us to rely on Him, to trust in Him and to obey Him.
When we are unsure and things are uncertain, learning to trust and obey God becomes an imperative. There is no other way to be truly happy except we trust in Jesus and obey God’s Word. The light of His word illuminates our path and guides our footstep. God shows favor to - and bestows His joy on - those who would simply take His Word as is.
Simply trusting God and taking Him at His Word should be as easy as said but fear—false evidence appearing real—makes it seem so difficult. When doubts and fears creep into our hearts, they can not take root if we choose to trust in God and we fight back with His word. It is a choice we must make daily to lean absolutely on God—the Rock that never fails.
Trust in God is resting in and surrendering to the sovereignty of God Who is All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All Sufficient and Almighty.
How we respond in adverse situations is a demonstration of our dependence on God and our trust in His sovereignty. It is the evidence of the degree to which we are resting in God Who we know as the Creator of all things. He is in control of our lives.
As someone who professes to trust in God, I ask myself these questions:  
Can I be calm and steadfast in the season of pain, loss and distress as I am in the season of gain, ease and liberty?
Can I be peaceful and at rest in the midst of storms, troubles and difficulties as I am when the lines have fallen for me in pleasant places?
Does my life model the quiet confidence of one who knows that her Heavenly Father knows what He is doing, and He would not stand aside and watch me suffer for a season for no reason?
I am learning daily to be quiet and at peace in the midst of turbulence because I am resting on a Solid Rock of impregnable strength which will never fail or let me fall to the ground. Like David, I want to declare, “You are my trust from my youth and the source of my confidence” – being assured that all the events of my life are orchestrated by the hands of the All-Knowing and All-wise God Who can be trusted in every instance.
There is clarity in the word of God and the instructions He provides. Trusting in Him puts us in the position where we can see from His perspective, where our complicated life is made simple and our anxiety gives way to assurance.
Falling back on God is to come to a place of absolute trust and dependence on God. It is learning to follow His guidance as you obey His Word.
You can fall back on God for insights, instructions and illumination.
You can fall back on God—in His mighty hands you are safe and secure.
He will catch you.
He will not let you fall.
The Almighty God has your back covered when you are firmly rooted in Him.
Will you by faith fall back into God’s Hands today and let Him take care of all that concerns you?

“For You are my hope, O Lord GOD: You are my trust from my youth” – Ps 71:5
Trust and Obey by Carlene Davis

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