Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Start Today Right

It is a brand new day – Today
Today is a precious gift
Today is a covenant fulfilled—day follows after night
Today is a mystery—unknown and unlived

Daybreak _

Start Today right
Only but with Him
That I ought to know
So much lined up to do
With urgency, I jumped out of bed
At that moment, He called out to me:

“Stop, start it right with Me”

Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don’t
When I don’t, like a run-away train
I run from pillar to post
Around and around in circles
Much time wasted, much energy dissipated
At the end of the day, disappointed with not much done
Distressed, at breaking point,
I groaned and complained,

“Why did it all go wrong?”

“Why this, why that?” I reeled off my complaints.

I didn’t even wait for a reply—until much later
He spoke gently into my heart,
“You did not make me a part of your day”
I should have learnt my lesson by now
So often I run on the fumes of His grace
When I could have the whole essence of Him.
It is so much better to start it right with Him

I need Him, yes I do
I need His help, I need His guidance
I need His leading, I need His direction
To get through each day
No matter how much I need to do
I need to start first with Him

Before I jump out of bed Today
My daily labor to pursue
To You, my Lord I turn, in praise and in worship
In Your presence abiding, surrounded by Your glory
Today’s load of mercies is fresh and new
That is the one I seek
Yesterday’s is stale like the old manna.

With Your eyes on me, navigate my steps
Through the minefield of distractions seeking to devour my time
With wisdom inspired by Your Holy Spirit
Show me what to do, how do it and when to do it.
So my best I can give for Your glory and honor.

Praying and Studying the Word
Time spent praying and studying Your Word
Must be “important and urgent.”
It’s top on my list of things to do Today.
In those quiet moments in Your presence,
You instruct me in the way to go
From thence I receive guidance to direct my day
There I lay my plans and desires before You
and trust You to establish my steps
When I call on You,
You show me hidden things and reveal secrets to me.

The first thing we neglect when we have so much to do is our quiet time with God. Yet our success each day is hinged on the leading and guidance we receive from the Holy Spirit. It is not the length of time spent that matters but that we recognize the need to depend on God for guidance and to turn towards Him for direction.
“Commit your ways to the Lord, trust also in Him. He will bring it to pass” (Ps. 37:5).
“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed” (Prov. 16:3)
To commit means to give over to another and entrust something to someone else. In this context, it means laying it upon God Who has the strength to bear it for us—your plans, purposes and pursuits for each day, your projects big and small, and your desires. It excludes nothing and includes everything that pertains to living. He will take care of the minutest detail of all our concerns.
When you handover your day to God first thing in the morning, you need not worry about how the tasks on your list will get done, instead you listen for the cues given by the Holy Spirit to know what to do and what to pursue each step of the way through the day. You will receive the grace to recognize and avoid time-wasters and distractions.  If it is important enough to engage your attention, then it is important enough to commit it to God.
I want to do everything I do each day the way God wants me to do it. I want to do it right the first time. I do not want to waste time or energy. I want to hit the nail on the head at each time. I have realized I can not do it on my own.
I can only do it right when I start it right with Him.
You may have to set your alarm to wake up a little earlier than usual and devote this time to connecting with the Giver of the new day. I have also learnt to spend some moments to give thanks for the blessing of a new day before setting my feet on the floor each morning.
Whatever you do, be sure to start your day right with God.

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