Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Correctly Positioned

Three events worked in concert to confirm and re-echo a couple of messages in my heart this week.
It started on Sunday, that is, the reflection and I have been ruminating on the message since then until it became imprinted on my mind.
But one of the events was initiated a few weeks ago when Angela and Becca of the Bookshelf Muse asked if I would like to participate in a special event to commemorate the launch of their book. I thought it was a worthwhile event to participate in. I had benefited a lot from their blog.
Last Sunday, in his exhortation during the pre-service prayer session, the dear brother leading asked us to pray that God will position us to locate our HELPER. That hit me like a load of bricks. Joseph’s stay in the prison had a brand new meaning.
On Monday, as part of the Random Act Of Kindness organized by Angela and Becca, I blitzed 2 writers—Naomi and Bidemi who have been HELPERS to me—they were positioned at the right place at the right time for me to connect with them.
It was very interesting to read the blog Bidemi posted at Nevertheless, which went out on the same day at the same time I was blitzing her—The Value of  Connectors—it was the third witness and worth reading.
Taking part in the RAOK on Monday had rippling effects far beyond my imagination. It led to a new level of relationship with Naomi, and it blessed Bidemi and I in tremendous ways.
I must pause here, and thank all of you who came over here since Monday, you are simply amazing, all the 95 of you. I have yet to see such traffic on a single day on the blog as on Monday. Thank you so much for taking time to stop by here and at Nevertheless. Thank you for joining me to appreciate Naomi and Bidemi. Many thanks for going the extra mile to make comments here and at Nevertheless, and to become friends.
Who is a HELPER?
I will borrow Bidemi’s definition of a Connector—someone who contributes to moving your dream forward and enhance what you do. To this I will add: Someone appointed by God to help you fulfill His divine purpose for your life. A helper will provoke recommendations on your behalf. He/she encourages you to be the best you can be. They uphold you in prayers and promote your interest.
Because God has a perfect plan for our lives, He positions us at the perfect place and at the right time to connect with helpers who will assist us to fulfill His grand purpose for our lives – those who will lead us in the direction He has prepared ahead of time for us. If we trust in God, and depend on the help of the Holy Spirit, we will make choices that will position us at the right place at the right time for success.
We have two examples in the Bible of persons who were correctly positioned to connect with the people who helped them to fulfill their destiny. Ruth happened to be in the right field belonging to Boaz – the man who later redeemed her and became her husband (Ruth 2:3).
In the case of Joseph, he had to be in the prison to connect with the butler who later provoked a recommendation on his behalf, which led him from prison to the position of a prime minister. Who would have thought that the prison was the right place to be to connect with destiny (Gen 39:20)?
Sometimes, it is the adverse situation or challenges we face that places us in the right place to make the necessary connection with our helper. God’s perfect timing and placing can put us in the field like Ruth or in the prison like Joseph.
God’s timing and positioning can also put us in a place to help fulfill His purpose and destiny in the lives of other people. Joseph again was correctly positioned in Egypt at the right time to help save his family and the people in the land from famine (Gen 45:7).
Here is a rough translation of a Yoruba chorus I leant as a child based on the story of the Good Samaritan:
Whosoever it is in your capacity to be of help to, he is your brother, take care of him.
Two distinct messages took root in my heart from these events and stories:
·         To be correctly positioned—at the right place and at the right time—to connect with the helper God has appointed to move forward my dream and help me to fulfill my God-designed purpose in every sphere of my life. I don’t want to miss him or her.
·         To be correctly positioned to be a helper to someone—to be the person who will assist another to fulfill their God-given purpose. To be a conduit of God’s blessing – that is my passionate desire. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to contribute into someone’s life and enhance their walk and work.
To be correctly positioned may take me through some difficult paths, so I can be best equipped to be the encourager God wants me to be, to offer the comfort which I also have experienced from God and to provide counsel that it is enriched by a personal experience.
The one who will deny himself that he may do us good at our time of need is the one who is truly kind to us and loves us most.
Will you let this message take root in your heart too? Would you take a moment to pray and ask God to correctly position you to locate your helper and connect you with someone you can be of help to?
If you will, please let me know in the comments below. It will be a privilege to pray along with you.
I share with you Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters.


  1. This post struck me as things have been becoming more correctly positioned for my little family lately. And mentioning Joseph's time in prison really hits home, as my son't father is coming home from his time in prison, having made a few connections to help him keep his life turned in the positive direction he has been aiming for. Thank you for sharing this, and reminding me to focus on the Divine.

    1. D Mann, I am very happy for you. I pray you both stay focussed on God as He works out His purpose in your lives.

  2. You have hit it the bull's eye again Sis Irene! Just what I need to hear. I will be applying for a o job/training position in a very competitive field by September. I have been told every type of negative thing about my ever getting a place but I firmly belive God is able. I need God's help and favor in this. I pray He will correctly position me so that I will meet my helpers and I will be taken in a place where I will be the helper people need.
    Thank you

    1. Yemisi, I pray that the Lord will show you a token of His favor so that all will see that it is by His hands you were helped. Praying along with you.

  3. One of the biggest joys I have had as a writer is being a helper. I've connected several people with other helpers that can help them move forward in their writing career. It is truly a blessing to have a hand in helping someone along.

    Lovely post!

  4. Aww Sharon! I agree with you. It is such a joy to be used of God and positioned as a helper in someone's life. And what great joy it gives to see His name glorified in the process. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Being a helper is also the biggest encouragement that has kept me going. Because just when I find myself wondering if doing what I do is worth the while, I receive word from someone who has been helped along their destiny path because of something I did. What this proves is like everything God, our ability to help others usually will come back to us again, because I mean even as helpers we need to be helped too.

    God bless you Irene, keep the pen flowing!

  6. Bless your soul aunt Irene. This is one of my favourite messages. Being a helper is what many do not want to be especially in circles where the message of "I,ME and MYSELF" is daily preached. I certainly am a testimony of what good could come from "being a helper". You stand the chance of receiving more when you bless/help others. Boaz became known because he unselfishly blessed "a Ruth" in need. Ruth came to the lineage of Jesus because she forgot her "BIG" problems to help her aging & lonely mother-in-law.If we keep the blessings flowing, the circle will remain unbroken and there will not be an end to whatever good each of us may receive. Just don't do it because you're expecting a reward BUT do it because it is the right thing to do!

    1. Yes indeed! You stand to receive more when you bless others. The Bible is so clear about that - give and it shall be given to you, good measures, pressed down, shaken together and running over, shall men pour into your bosom. Thanks for stopping by. Keep on seeking opportunities to be a HELPER!


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