Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Resisting Resistance

Now you see it…Now you don’t.
This can be the amazing effect of watching coastlines or harbors at low and high tide.
Of particular interest is the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick where the bay is filled with more water than the combined flow of the world’s freshwater rivers each day at high tide – 100 billion tonnes of seawater.
And the rocky bed of the shore is revealed at low tide. The Fundy Tides are the highest on earth and in some places can rise and fall to astounding 40 – 50 feet.
This phenomenon best describes the high and low tide I am experiencing with writing the book, “Empowered for Victory” except that the low ebb spans much longer time and the high tide, the same magnitude as at the Bay of Fundy, lasts only a very short time.
I seem to be at the low tide more often than I am at high tide. My attention seems to be constantly diverted away from working on the book. Sometimes, I feel there is a strong resistance against writing this book in particular.
I do not have the same experience with my other writing projects – writing for the blog, the magazine I am committed to and the message I share weekly with friends and families.
The resistance has been with the book. Lately, writing the book feels like swimming against a strong current. At the few high tides, it feels as if I can not stop writing, there is an exhilarating surge of inspiration, zeal and drive to write and I want to hold on to it until the book is completed. Suddenly, the flow of juice is snatched away and there comes this low tide when even with my best intention and planning, every effort I make to sit and work on the book appears to be resisted.
With the foregoing, I have taken the first step to recognize that there appears to be a force resisting the completion of the book—it is called Resistance.
Beyond recognizing there is a problem, what next? Recognize and understand what the problem is about.
I decided to understand better the force which seems to resist the projects, whatever kind, we set our hands upon to do. While I am focusing on my writing project here, there are diverse projects we set our hearts to do and half way through we feel resisted, they become stagnated and we are tempted to abandon them.
Resistance is a force which stands against you to prevent you from accomplishing a task, fulfilling your God-given purpose and from living your dream. Glenn Rothman in Secret of Life wrote, “Resistance cannot be seen, touched, heard, or smelled. But it can be felt. It is a repelling force. It will give us any excuse not to execute… not to do our work.”
In Daniel Chapter 10, we find useful insights in recognizing “Resistance” for what it truly is. It is obviously not a friendly or positive force, if it resists what you know you have been called or gifted to accomplish.
From the first day Daniel started to pray, an Angel was dispatched from heaven to make arrangements to secure the answer to his prayer, but for twenty-one days, this Angel was resisted by the prince of Persia—he met with fierce opposition which tried to stop or delay the answer to Daniel’s prayers. Daniel remained strong in faith even though he did not know that arrangements were in process of completion or that an Angel had been commissioned to secure the answer to his prayers.
He continued praying. He trusted God for an answer. He did not give up even when he was out of strength.
We resist resistance with prayers. We stand strong in position of prayer and refuse to give up on that project or that dream we know God has given us. Because we know in it we are fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives. We can not be passive in resisting a force which opposes the plan and purpose of God for our lives. You can not conquer what you do not confront.
You need to confront the resistance to the completion of every work of your hands with prayers and fasting, and with resilience, determination and discipline.
Recognize why this task, project or dream is important.
I asked myself these questions:
What is my motivation for writing this book? Why is writing this book important to me? You can also ask yourself similar questions.
Writing “Empowered for Victory” was laid on my heart many years ago and confirmed by many witnesses. I am persuaded that it will enrich and touch many lives for good.
What is the cost of delaying or not finishing the project or task – this book?
The people whose lives will be enriched by this book, who would be encouraged to stand strong through their lives’ challenges are prevented from seeing the book. Understanding why completing this book is crucial and important has become my wake-up call.
There is an opportune time to complete a task or project or to pursue a dream. I don’t want to miss the opportune time—the right time for the ship ‘to harbor.’

“What may be done at any time will be done at no time” - Scottish Proverb.
I have the will to succeed in this project. When there is a will, there is a way. I am resilient. I am adamant not to give up but to keep at it. I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. I receive strength to work on the book.
Have you felt resistance to completing a project or to pursuing a dream? How did you overcome resistance? Share your story and encourage someone.

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