Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Power of Little - Part 2

Over the past few days, I have come to appreciate again the power of little - the value of one small breath. It was shocking the rapidity with which I fell off the edge of the cliff of wellness into the deep dark vale where I had to struggle to hold on to breath. Drawing breath was like drawing water out of a deep well with a heavy galvanized bucket. So much effort for so little, yet that little made the difference between life and death.

The mighty Hands of God kept my head above the water as I grabbed hold of precious breath and push it down with all the strength I could muster. Soon the prayers raised by many precious family and friends on my behalf lifted me out of the dark vale and God's hands set my feet upon solid grounds, again with such an amazing swiftness.

A small breath - who thinks about breathing? Every moment of each day, billions draw this small breath without a thought. Yet if for a moment, you are unable to draw breath, life begins to ebb away and death looms in. Precious small breath determines between life and death, and we take this breath of life for granted. I will praise God as long as this fleeting breath I draw.

Since I shared the part 1 of this article last week, I had occasions to discuss with friends and to ponder deeply about the power of little. I noted that unforgiveness, bitterness and unresolved anger is as destructive to the persons in a relationship as cancer is to the body. A little unguarded harsh word spoken can create a huge gulf lasting for decades as long as the individuals hold on to it. I know that to be true because I have been there. If you are also holding on to such painful experiences, it is time to let it go and free yourself from its poison.

This week is about the positive side of the power of little. A story was told of a shepherd who saw little drops of water falling on a huge stone and directly where the drops were falling there was a deep hole in the stone.

“What mighty power there is in a drop of water,” thought the shepherd. “Could my stony heart ever be softened up that way?” The Shepherd who began to study the Torah at 40 years of age became Rabbi Akiba, a great teacher of his time with 24,000 pupils.(A Drop of Water)

Little by little, drops of the Word of God falling on a stony heart can soften and make it responsive to the touch of God. Consistent, persistent and persevering prayer of a righteous man avails much. Many can testify of hearts and lives  changed in response to the word of God gentle spoken and effectual prayers offered on behalf of such individuals.

Little investments of eternal value, that is the worth of praying for our children and sharing the word of God with them from a young age.

"I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life." -- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865). The bedtime Bible stories my mother read to me when I was a child and her prayers have stayed with me too.

"Don't ask God to guide, lead or direct you if you are not willing to move your feet."

I was astounded when a friend shared this quote with me. We have to be willing take the first step forward by faith as we ask God for guidance and leading.

Faith is taking the first step when you can't see the whole staircase - Martin Luther King Jr. We all know that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step. Starting this blog was a step of faith. Now 8 months down the road, I have by the grace of God shared a post every week irrespective of my circumstances.

I am taking baby but definite steps towards living my dreams. I am not where I want to be yet, but praise be to God I am not where I used to be. I am making progress each day and I know every step, every effort and input is adding up.

"…Show me your faith without good deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do." - James 2:18.

What is that goal you desire to reach or dream you desire to fulfill? You have made the plans at the beginning of the year. You have prayed and ask God for guidance and leading. It is time to take the little step of faith and lurch forward. You will be amazed where each small step in the right direction will take you.

When we recognize and appreciate the precious value of little time, we will refrain from wasting time. A little bit of time can be powerful. It can make a huge difference to being right place at right time to connect a helper God has appointed for us. We need to use time wisely, as God created us to industrious. Go check out the ants in Proverbs 6 - the little ants can teach us some lessons.

Whatever your hands find to do, do it well - Eccl. 9:10.  It is a waste of precious time to do things in half measures. Each of us must strive to be an excellent worker who puts a high premium on the value and use of our time.

Lifetimes and memories are made from little moments. The little acts of kindness we show, the words of encouragement we speak and the little moments we give to lighten someone's load can enrich the lives of people around us. It is amazing the difference a little smile can make. It takes only a little investment of time and effort to make life brighter for another.

What little thoughtful gesture made a huge impact on your life? In what ways have you experienced the positive power of little? Do share your story in the comment box below and enrich the lives of other readers.

Pleased to share with you, “Little Drops of Water” by Julia Carney 1845

Little drops of water,
little grains of sand,
make the mighty ocean
and the beauteous land.

And the little moments,
humble though they may be,
make the mighty ages
of eternity.

Little deeds of kindness,
little words of love,
make our earth an Eden,
like the heaven above.

Little seeds of mercy
sown by youthful hands,
grow to bless the nations
far in heathen lands.

Glory then for ever
be to God on high,
beautiful and loving,
to eternity.

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