Friday, November 30, 2012

Standing in the Place of Prayers for 1972 Babies_Nov.

It is another joyful day to declare; Praise awaits You O'God in our hearts. You Who hear and answer prayers. To You shall all men come - Ps 65: 1-2.

We declare this with thanksgiving to God Who answers our prayer of intercession on behalf of our 1972 Babies with awesome deeds of righteousness.

We give thanks to God on behalf of Ehi and Erik who celebrated their 40th birthday during the month of November. We also give praise for the breakthroughs recorded during the month - Mary got her letter of appointment for a job.

Let us stand on the authority of the word of God and pray for our precious friends born in 1972:
- that the Lord will bring them near to dwell in His courts and satisfy them with the goodness of His house.
- that God will crown 2012 with His bounty and goodness, and cause their carts to overflow with abundant fruitfulness in every sphere of their lives.

We have 2 new additions to the list - Dayo and Evelyn. I look forward to sharing many testimonies next month as we wrap up this call to pray on the 31st of December.

Please spare some moments and join me as we pray for these precious children of God? Praise be to God Who has given us the Holy Spirit to help us make intercession according to the will of God.

For background information, please read the following blog post:

I encourage you to enlist others around you to join us to pray. Do find below names of those born in 1972 shared with me. I ask you also to keep sending the names. I will update the list as new information becomes available.

     Temitope      

        Dotun
        Subomi
        Kemi
        Bola
        Dayo

        Folabi
        Evelyn

        Yemisi

        Gbenga
        Bola
        Sarah
        Tokunbo
        Mary
        Funmi
        Simon

        Grace
        Au Huen


        Taiwo and Kehinde
        Kayode
        Rosemary

        Femi

        Ehi
        Erik


Let's join you to give thanks to God for this wonderful year of fulfillment of God's promise in the lives of 1972 on December 31st. Please share with us the testimony of what God is doing in your life if you are a 1972 or in the life of your 1972 sibling, family and friend in the comments box below or by email.

Now, let us pray….

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