Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why I Am Here

During the past few weeks I had the opportunity to listen to messages and watch events, which compelled me to ponder on why I am doing the things that I do.

It was timely. I stepped into blogosphere a year ago today.

Why did I start out on this journey?

Why do I write?

I checked my heart and my motives, reviewed my personal statement and read again my first blog post.

Listening to the messages I mentioned earlier, I realized that if I am not doing this for the right reasons, it would be a waste of energy and effort - an exercise at futility.

I love to use words. I love to craft words skilfully  to deliver a message and touch lives for good—encouraging and inspiring hope. The ability to skilfully craft words is a gift bestowed by God. And when God gives a skill, it is because He wants it to be used to accomplish His purpose.

Sometimes, the trials and difficult situations we go through provides opportunity for a skill to be developed in us—squeezed out under pressure. All the women, who skilfully spun with their hands in blue, purple and scarlet materials and in fine linen, and brought these for the building of the tabernacle, learnt the art of tapestry while they were in bondage in the courts of the Egyptian princes.

They acquired the skills they used for God's purpose while they were in bondage—something beautiful and good came out of their difficult experience.

That is why I am here. I have learnt and grown through the fiery path I have sometimes  walked. I have experienced God's awesome love in such an uplifting way that I can not but write and share about them.

I can not NOT write. Writing connects me to the world out there. Writing is the opportunity God has given me through my trials and afflictions to touch lives for good. Ultimately, it is for God's purpose to be fulfilled in my life and in lives of those He brings my way that I am here. And it is He only Who must get the glory in all I do.

"Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people, citizens of distant epochs, who never knew one another."
- Carl Sagan

In the past one year, I have cultivated new relationships and connected with so many people who I never knew. The blog has been visited from at least 40 countries. I could never have imagined such a reach when I started out last November.  I am so grateful to God for blessing me with each of you who have visited, commented and subscribed. You  are an encouragement to me.

How am I doing with my writing?

A leap of faith:
For many years, I dreamt about writing and did some writing without due diligence of learning. In February 2011, I laid down my excuses and started learning about the craft while writing.

I was inspired by DiAnn Mills' words - "How sad to hold onto a dream, know it is from God, and yet have too many fears and doubts to take a leap of faith" and was encouraged by her prayer to let my enthusiasm and inspiration for the craft of writing grip my heart and keep me creating and learning!

I have learnt more about the art and craft of writing since I started blogging on November 1, 2011. I am still learning as I strive to give my best. I am also wading in the waters of poetry which will enhance my writing skills. But the journey has not been without challenges.

Empowered For Victory:
A compilation of inspirational stories to encourage those facing difficult situations. It shares the stories of the victories God has given me and  the testimonies of how He is keeping me, day by day, come what may, living with a chronic respiratory disease. The book has been in the cooler for a few months now.

I am compelled to finish this book, there are those who God wants to use this book to touch. As long as it is unfinished, it can not be a tool for God's service. I ask God for the grace to overcome every resistance to the completion of the book.

Writing for Magazines:
God gave me a unique opportunity this year to write for Effectual, a magazine published six times a year which is impacting the lives of many women across many countries.

Novels - Inspirational Fiction:
I initiated a number of novels in the last two years. Fired by a strong desire to address all my unfinished work, I have gone back to the drawing board on one of them which I plan to give more attention as soon as I finish with the non-fiction book.

Watch out for updates on these projects on the blog in the coming months.

Next Steps:

I ask you, my friends, to help me take the blog to the next level by doing the following:

  • Let me know in the comment box below which blog post ministered to you the most?
  • What kind of improvements would you like to see in the blog to make your visit more enriching?
  • Please share the blog post you identified above with two of your friends and invite them to visit.

I am willing to do the workwriting, leaning on God who has equipped and skilled me for His purpose. I am determined by His grace to keep at it and to be available for His service through writing.

What about you? How are you doing with the skills God bestowed on you?

I encourage you to strive to be the best in the use of these skills for God's glory and service.

Thank you for letting me a part of your life through this space. It will be lonely here  without you. I pray that your experience here will continue to enrich your life and inspire hope in you.  God bless you richly.

1. DiAnn Mills is the Craftman Mentor for the Jerry Jenkin's Christian Writers Guild.

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