Thursday, January 31, 2013

He Will Get You There

The sky was clear and blue. The sun was high though it was still early in the morning. Our family of four was packed and set for our summer vacation, a road trip to UK to visit family and friends. This was the first time we were going to UK by road.

We had the address. We had a navigator. We entered our destination into the navigator. It planned our trip and gave us the shortest route. From then on, we simply followed its instructions. We were confident we would get to our destination.

It was a scenic drive over mountains, through villages and even on red asphalt road as we traveled on roads we had never gone before.

We went from Geneva, through Dijon, until we got to Calais—our first destination. We got on the ferry and the navigator kept quiet as we sailed across the channel to Dover. Off the ferry, it continued to guide us in the way to go until we arrived at our destination in Birmingham.

A few days later, we went out of town to a park, on our way back, we drove into a ditch, the navigator fell of its hook and hit the edge of a machine I had beside me. When I picked it up, the screen was broken. We were seven minutes away from our destination. We thought we could find our way there on our own:

"Let's turn left here."

"No, I think we should go straight."

It only took a few minutes of driving around without the navigator and we knew we were lost. I called my cousin. After much effort at finding a known landmark, he guided back to the house. It took us almost one hour to complete the seven-minute trip.

We knew it would be a challenge to continue our vacation without our companion, the navigator. We had to invest in a new navigator — an unplanned but much-needed expenditure.

Better than a GPS:

A few days ago, during our family bible study time, my son shared from the Once-a-day At the Table Family Devotional. The topic for meditation was Global Positioning System (GPS) and the verse was Ps. 32:8 — my all-time favorite verse.

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
 I will counsel you with My eyes upon you."

It is a promise of divine guidance. Infinitely better than a GPS, God gives us direction through the Bible. He leads us in a subtle way, by speaking into our hearts through His Holy Spirit indwelling us.

The GPS only considers where we want to go and the shortest way to get there. God considers an infinite eternity that includes where He wants us to go and what we need to learn along the way. God’s leading may not always make sense to us and His choice of route may not be a straight line. He not only considers the destination, but He determines the best time for us to arrive at the destination and how we need to be prepared to fulfill His purpose for us there.

He instructs us. He teaches us. He counsels us.

He teaches us the right way to go and the best way to do what He has called us to do.

The commentary reminded me of our experience during our summer vacation in 2009. It was interesting to note how we depended absolutely on the navigator to get us to our destination. When we made the decision to do the road trip, it was simply because we knew that we had a navigator and once we entered the address of our destination into the navigator, it will guide us there. We trusted it and committed the entire trip to the device. When we lost the device, we lost the guidance provided by the GPS and we subsequently lost our way.

What if we would depend and rely on God totally and completely to guide and direct us day by day on our life's journey just as we depended on the device?

Being assured that He knows the destination and He knows the best way for us to get there, then we should not have to worry but simply listen to His voice as He tells which way to go.

God’s best way to the destination He has planned for us is not necessarily the shortest way. The navigator may take us through the shortest route but God’s route for us may take us through the valley, through the wilderness, through the furnace or through the storm. The blessed assurance we have is that His eyes are intent on us whichever way He leads us through.

And His eyes are upon us:

I like the fact that His eyes are upon us all the time. His eyes are on us watching and directing our ways. That means, He has a special and active regard for us. His eyes are directed on us so that He may tell us the way to take in order for us to reach our destination.

He does not leave us to grope around in darkness but He lights our path. David prayed and asked that God’s face should shine upon him to give him light - Ps 4:6. He shines His light upon our path so that it is illuminated and we are not groping in darkness.

Imagine for a moment that you have a police helicopter flying overhead and beaming its light on your path as you walk through a forest on a pitch-dark night. You will see clearly and will not trip over roots or fall into ditches. That is how God lights our path with His guidance as with the beams of the sun.

You can use His higher power and inside knowledge every day and at any hour. His instructions and counsel are constantly available for you to tap in.

If we trust God to lead and guide us each day in the way to go, one day we will look back on our life and see what an incredible journey it was. Joseph looked back on his life and the route God had led him, and he affirmed it was God Who planned that route for him in accordance to His purpose for his life.

God knows where we need to be to fulfill His ultimate purpose for our lives. We can’t make it there in our own strength. We need His divine guidance and direction to make it to our destination. We need also to learn lessons along the way which will shape and fit us for the position we are to occupy at our destination. We can only make it to our God-defined destinations if we depend on God to lead us there.

He is always ready to lead us in the way to go.

Are you ready to trust Him to guide you?

Are you willing to depend absolutely on His leading?

Be assured that God is more than able to get you to your destination if you trust and depend on Him.

We can depend on Him absolutely to guide us as we intentionally and creatively pursue the journey to fulfill our mission in life and His calling upon our lives.

He will get you to your destination in His own time and His timing is always the best.

He will take you through the best route but He will not avoid the challenges that will prepare you for your destination.

God wants us to commit our plans, our dreams and our goals to Him. I encourage you to commit every work of your hands, all your plans, purposes and pursuits to the Lord. Trust confidently in Him for guidance.

He will get you to your destination.

I share with you When God shines His light by Van Morrison and Cliff Richard, 1989

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