Friday, September 20, 2013

I Am Blessed

I am truly blessed
And I am so grateful.

"Furnished In Abundance" was the message I had planned to share on today's blog post. But that would have to wait. I have many reasons this week to give thanks to God for blessing my life with my husband, my sons and many great friends/brethren.

I felt anew the deep and sincere love of brothers and sisters in Christ whom God raised up to be a help and a blessing to me when I desperately needed help.

It has been a rather busy and exhausting week. For reasons unknown to me, I had three check-up appointments at the hospital (different departments) scheduled for this week in addition to the twice a week appointments at the physiotherapist's cabinet. And my husband is on duty travel this week.

For each of these appointments, I needed someone to take me there and another person to bring me back home. The trip to the hospital is about 45 minutes with an n-minute waiting period and another n-minute consultation time, where n can be up to 60 minutes especially the waiting period. It was difficult to ask anyone person to leave their workplace or other tasks for this length of time.

So when we asked our friends to help out, we gave them the option of either to drop me off or pick me up from the hospital. For the physiotherapy session which is a 5-minute drive from home and lasts for 45 minutes, the same person had to do both the drop off and pick up. It was a sacrifice of time and effort. Yet they willingly offered help until I had more than enough people to cover the 6-day schedule!

It is amazing and overwhelming to be a recipient of such brotherly (sisterly) love. I am truly blessed and so grateful to God for the six friends who undertook this assignment and the 2 sweet ladies taking care of me who went with me to these appointments.

It was during one of the trips to the hospital that I finally had the opportunity to go and say "thank you" to the team of nurses and aide-soignants who took care of me while I was in the ICU and on the ward.

Getting to the ICU was like walking through a maze, we kept turning left and right, up and down, I never knew it was such a long distance visitors have to cover since there is a different route for patients. As I went on what seemed like an endless journey through the maze, I kept saying to my companion; "Is this the distance my husband, my sons and many friends had to walk each time they came to see me in the ICU?" Sometimes they had to do this several times in one day, sometimes they only get to see me briefly and sometimes they were not even allowed to see me at all depending on the situation at that time.

I was overwhelmed at the sacrifice they willingly made, it could only have been motivated by deep and sincere love from a pure heart. And even more so when I thought about those who made the 60km trip to Lausanne to see while I was in the ICU there and many never got to see me. But they stayed in the waiting room praying.

When I finally got to the waiting room where these men and women spent many hours on end, the receptionist did not recognize (she never met me throughout my stay there) but when I mentioned my name, her face lit up and she asked after my husband and my sons. She remembered them so well and rejoiced that I am now fit and strong enough to come back.

I left the place with a renewed sense of appreciation for my husband and sons, and the great friends God surrounded us with during that trying period of our lives.

I have been shown sincere love and as we are charged in 1Peter 1:22, these brethren have displayed deep love from their heart. We are encouraged to be kind and compassionate to one another and to love as brothers and sisters (1Pet. 3:8, Eph. 4:32). I am a recipient of compassion and of brotherly love from many friends, and for this I am truly blessed and grateful.

The charge to us is to "…become useful, helpful and kind, tender-hearted (compassionate, understanding, loving-hearted…" to one another.

By this, shall all men know that we are Jesus disciples if we love one another (John 13:35).

For each one of you who stood in the gap for me and entreated the Lord on my behalf, and for each one of you who sacrificially positioned yourselves as helpers to us at our time of need and are still doing so, I ask the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ to richly bless you beyond measures. Our God Who owes no man shall surely reward your labour of love beyond your wildest imagination.

Friends, let brotherly love continue. Great things happen when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity and in love. Let us be shining examples of Christian love as the opportunity is presented to us.

Have you been a recipient of such brotherly love as described here? If yes, share your story and let us continue to encourage and prompt one another to brotherly love.

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  1. My dear sister, I wish to join you to say a big thank you to all these friends, the Lord God will bless them for the time and they will not lack help in their time of need, in Jesus name, Amen.

    You have asked us to share if we have been recipients of brotherly kindness, I have, 3 came up to mind instantly and your family was involved in two of them.
    1. Almost 20 years ago our first son was ill with fever of unknown origin,the health care workers were on strike , it was your husband and Dr Ola that were coming in to the house to monitor him. And the day i perceived in my Spirit that we should anoint him with oil it was your husband who had anointing oil in his car brought it out joined us to pray for him and miraculously that was the end of that fever. The Lord also promised that He will not forget our labour of love(Heb 6:10), He did not forget and you received HIS help at an appointed time surely these brethren will be marked for reward.

    The other one was my visit to Geneva for a conference! when you insisted "how can we be in Geneva and you will go and stay in an hotel?" When I got to your home I felt if you did not ask me to come, you had genuine reasons. The daily drop off and pick up from the conference center was sure not the most convenient, it was brotherly love in action. As if that was not sufficient you made sure you took me out to see Geneva and ensure that i did quality shopping even though it was one of the "troublesome coughing" day I could not persuade you that we cancel the outing. Sister, God is faithful. I can remember more that involve your family but let me stop at these two.

    The third one I remember was when we were packing from Whiston to Nuneaton in England. Brethen from the church Elim Pentecostal came and offered to help us pack. They detailed people to pack the kitchen, living room, guest room and visitors room, we were left to pack our room. they did a good job labeling every pack such that it was so easy to reach what I wanted after. It was overwhelming. Indeed I know the Lord God will reward that labour of love. Sis Abimbola O.


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