Thursday, October 3, 2013

We Will Remember

We will remember, we will remember
We will remember the works of Your hands
We will stop and give you praise
For great is Thy faithfulness
 - Tommy Walker (2005)

Celebrating Life:

That's exactly what we have been doing since last weekend. On Sunday, September 29th, my family and I together with our friends went before God to give thanks and lavish praises on Him as we remembered the works of His hands in our lives. It was a time of rejoicing, praising and dancing in the presence of God. It was a celebration of life and God's faithfulness.

We remembered where we were coming from, what we have been through and the victory God wrought on our behalf.

 We remembered that God has been our helper, our deliverer, our liberator and giver of life without end.

We stopped and gave Him praise for great is His faithfulness.

The praise and rejoicing continued on October 1st (my birthday). It was an opportunity to celebrate life in the land of the living. We recalled the mercies, which God faithfully lavished on us this past year.

We remembered when we walked through life's darkest valley, that God was our joy, comfort and life sustainer.

Last night, my Sista and friend of almost 30 years stood by my bed. She recalled the last time she was standing at the same spot, a few months back at the end of March. It was a challenging time for me then. I was on the ventilator and coughing my chest out. She looked around the room and started to give praise and thanks to God.


The ventilator was gone. I was not struggling with breath. I was not coughing. I was not hanging to life.

The Paraphernalia:

for travels
short term outings

oxygen reservoirs under our stairway

And the place they were knows them no more. They are all gone. Hallelujah!

Celebrating Togetherness:

We used the opportunity to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary which we missed on April 23rd. I was in coma on that day.

April 23rd, 1992
Twenty-one and half years later - Sept 29th, 2013
We remembered that throughout the 21+ years of our marriage, God has been our shelter and our peace in the midst of the storm.

Our Boys. Our Joy. Our Blessing:

We remembered how God kept them strong through it all. They have been so supportive. I praise God for blessing our lives with these fine young men.

Giving Thanks:

But then I recall all You have done, O LORD;
I remember Your wonderful deeds of long ago.
They are constantly in my thoughts.
I cannot stop thinking about Your mighty works.
Ps 77:11, 12

We shouted Hosanna and Hallelujah to the One from Whom all blessing flows, Whose glory has been put on display in our lives. Our friends joined us to shout that our God is good and that He is the faithful One.

Your Turn:

Now it is your turn. 

Will you take time to remember the good works that God has done in your life in 2013 alone? 

Will you stop and give Him praise? 

God has surely given you reasons to be glad. So this is a good time to lavish praises on Him. You can also share with us in the comment box below what God has done for you.

While you are at it, please pause for a moment and give thanks to God on our behalf. He has been good to us. We can't say it enough or thank Him enough.

Pleased to share with you Tommy Walker's "We Will Remember" 
I love this song and I have used the lyrics in preparing this blog post.

Blessings be multiplied to you and yours. May your life daily touch lives for good.


  1. Irene, a very beautiful post indeed. Here is wishing you lovely years with your family and a blessed marriage. Amen and Amen. Looking at these photos and reading all your posts so far, I can only marvel at the goodness of the Lord. Praise be to his name indeed!

    1. Thank you very much, dear Celestine. I give all praise and thanks to God Who has made us glad. It was indeed a day of rejoicing and, celebrating life and God's faithfulness. God bless you abundantly.


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