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Memory-Making Moments_Destiny Helpers

We are God’s masterpiece. We are His workmanship—a being of His making. We are wonderfully created and fashioned anew by God to do what He has called up to do and to fulfil His mandate for our lives. Each one of us is uniquely created for a unique purpose.

The more I meditate on this truth, the more I realize that I do not have to struggle for a space in God’s Kingdom agenda. There is a unique mandate for my life that God has purposed for me to accomplish before I was conceived in my mother’s womb—a purpose for which He has been preparing me to fulfill since I was born.

Destiny Helpers:
This truth was brightly illuminated for me during the week of July 16th – 19th, 2014. I was in Lagos, Nigeria to participate in the Return Of The Helpers 2014 Conference. Prior to the commencement of the conference, WE gathered on July 16th, at the residence of the Convener, Bidemi Mark-Mordi, to celebrate her birthday. And that was where I met some of them.

I have heard a lot about THEM. I have even become friends with some of them on Facebook. I had spoken with two of them once. And I longed to meet them physically. They are Bidemi’s Sistas. This is a group of women who recognize who they are in God, who have an understanding of God’s unique purpose for their lives. Because of this understanding, they do not struggle with each other for a space to manifest their mandate, rather they support each other in the journey towards fulfilling their God-ordained destiny. They embraced the uniqueness in their calling and preparation, and joyously celebrate each other’s manifestation.

Before meeting the Sistas, I had the honour of being introduced to a unique lady, an epitome of a servant-leader. Her name is Roz Knighten-Warfield. We fondly call her Lady Roz. She is of the sort that held up Moses’ arms. She is an armour bearer. She is a destiny helper. She is a sparker—she lights up others. Within a couple of hours, we had bonded so much that it felt as if I had known her for years. Older in age than most of us, yet, Lady Roz ministered help and served with grace.

She came all the way from US to Lagos at her own expense, just to wait on Bidemi and hold her hand up in the final stages of preparation for ROTH. She cooked, cleaned, prayed, encouraged, and ensured that what Bidemi needed was within her reach. Lady Roz was at hand to wait on each of us as we ministered during the Conference. She was on her feet through the duration of our ministration. Handing over a glass of water or a tissue paper when needed. She left an indelible mark on my heart. And even more on my first son, Ose. She inspired Ose to take his love for photography to the next level and spoke prophetically concerning him. The outcome is a Facebook page tagged "Momma Sees Photography" where Ose's photos are on display. The name was inspired by Lady Roz.

The Sistas are Audrey Joe-Ezigbo, Inyang Sami-Orugbe, Bola ‘Salt’ Essien-Nelson, Enife Atobiloye, Nneka Nwobi and Ini Onuk. I had learnt of how the Sistas fervently interceded for me when I was in the valley of the shadow of death in April/May 2013. They only knew me by my association with Bidemi, they had never met or even spoken with me at that time, yet they prayed as if I was one of theirs. They sure left a lasting impression on me—women who do not feel the need to struggle with each other or outshine the other but help each other to fulfil destiny, hhmmm!

Closely associated with the Sistas is Coach Anna McCoy. I got connected with her through Bidemi and I have read her book, “Woman Act Now!” She was not at the conference in Lagos but I had the pleasure of meeting her when she passed through Geneva on her way from US to South Africa in May. She simply wanted to meet with Bidemi and support her in the run-up to ROTH 2014. Sitting on my dining table, Coach Anna challenged me and held me accountable for the completion of my book. That was quite an unforgettable experience. My son, who was listening, still reminds me of Coach Anna’s words and my commitment to complete this assignment God has given me. She is a passionate and persuasive proclaimer.

I got close to two of the Sista’s. The first one is Audrey Joe-Ezigbo, she is Bidemi’s accountability partner and “truth serum,” and a business woman per excellence. She spoke on Business, A Spiritual Mandate, at the conference. “You are an individual fragment and fragrance of the living God,” she said. Therefore business ran by Christians must be based on godly principles. She asked very deep questions which every Christian need to be reminded of each day in the marketplace and in the workplace: “Is your business reflecting the light of God in you? Is your life in church at variance with your lifestyle in the workplace?” Food for thought indeed.

I learnt more at “Audrey’s school of business” when she freely gave me advice to help me  manage my business profitably. Audrey brought tears to my eyes when I read the post she did on me on her blog – Grace...Sufficient for when life happens! It was deeply touching to read my story from another person’s point of view. It left quite an impact on me.

The second Sista I got close to calls herself “SALT.” That’s what she aspires to be each day—Salt of the earth. When Bola Essien-Nelson met me at the Conference, she hugged like a long-lost friend. You would have thought we had known each other forever, meeting again after a long break. It was heart-warming. Equally touching was the blog she posted on Salt Chronicles subsequently-ROTH 2014 God Ordains His Best

ROTH 2014_Mandate, Harvest and Glory:
This seventh edition of ROTH conference was a gold mine and rich pasture to glean from. Believe me, I came away laden with nuggets that are still resounding in my heart. The atmosphere was electric with authentic praise and worship. My first intention was write a summary of the message presented by each of the Speaker. After several attempts at summarizing my notes, I gave up on the idea. You will have to visit the Facebook page (Return of the Helpers Conference) for snippets from the conference. Here are some teasers:

Mayokun Oreofe appeared quiet and demure from a distance, but she swiftly morphed into a firebrand when she began to minister. You will know immediately that this is a woman who dwelt in the word and in the place of prayer. Her message was based on Jeremiah 33:3. Well-known verse but so beautiful expounded. I got brand new revelation from this old and much-read scripture; “Call upon me, I will answer you, and show you hidden things which you do not know.”

"Call upon me is not a request, it is an instruction," she reminded us several times. It sank in. The verse has been ringing in my mind since then. It has formed the foundation of my prayers on a number of issues and redirected the focus of my intercession. I have a blog post devoted to this verse coming soon.

Elizabeth Taylor is a CIV woman in her singleness—a Capable, Intelligent and Virtuous woman. She said, “When the reason for existence of something is not known, abuse is inevitable” and demonstrated that a woman can be fruitful in fulfilling her calling irrespective of her marital status.

Nkechi Olalere explained to us why our Spirit, Body and Soul must aligned for God’s glory and how healthy lifestyles will keep our bodies function as the temple of the living God. Three lifestyle habits stood out—Nutrition, Sedentary lifestyle and Caffeine. Believing me, I am counting my steps per day now.

Pam Ross, author of Serving, Loving and Leading, expounded this subject with real life illustrations. “Serving is a key to success; Take your amazing self and serve someone; and Don’t be the cook that is always cooking but never serving” – these are some of my take-away from her ministration. The last one surely got me. Everyone in leadership position needs to read this book.

I can write a whole blog post on Bidemi Mark-Mordi’s exposition on fulfilling Mandate, and I would not have done any justice to it. You need to get a copy of her book, Destiny Navigational Application and learn how to discover your God-given mandate and how to walk in the fullness of it—“You are put on earth to produce, no one is barren.”

The memories of these divinely orchestrated connections with these destiny helpers have been intricately woven into the tapestry of my memory.

Here is the question you and I need to ponder on: 
How are we supporting, helping and encouraging those around us to fulfill the call and mandate of God on their lives? 

Photo credit: Return of the Helpers Conference and Momma Sees Photography.


  1. Wow! I was moved by this right from the first paragraph and then when I got to the part about our hug....the tears began flowing. It was more than a hug....i wanted to tap into that 'anointing'.....somehow I felt if I hugged you long enough some would enter by osmosis *smiling*.

    Thank you for such an encouraging account for all of us. To God be all the glory for these truly fulfilling and impact full sista connections.

    1. Hallelujah!!! Salt, you got me laughing out so loud!!! Anointing by osmotic hug! Hmmmm! Blessed God. It was a truly great and life-enriching experience at ROTH in so many ways. I just have to share it with the world. God bless you richly for your kind words.


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