Thursday, April 30, 2015

Beyond Imagination

When I look at the night sky and see the works of God’s fingers—the moon and the stars that He set in place, I wonder, what is man that He should be mindful or even think of them.

But He thought about me. He considered me. He visited me.

This is the God, Who created the stars too numerous to the counted—much more than the grains of sand on all the beaches of the world. He set them in place and calls each of them by name.

And He knows my name.

Indescribable, uncontainable,
You are amazing God
All powerful, untamable,
Awestruck I fall to my knees as I humbly proclaim
You are amazing God

He is the God, Who promised me that He will give me the Feet of Grace that will take to places where my natural feet could not take me—places beyond my imagination. When He gave me this word of assurance before my legs were amputated on May 30, 2013, I had no clue what He could possibly have in mind. But I knew that He can do what He says He will do. And I also knew that He has good plans for me because His thoughts for me are thoughts of good. All glory be to God Who does exceedingly more than we could ever ask, think or dare to imagine.

When God laid it on my heart to enrich lives by raising funds to provide prosthetic limbs for amputees in poor communities, I dared to imagine. I wanted to reach out to one child and one woman at a time. We began to plan the Feet Of Grace Charity Walk: Hit The Street For Their Feet. I set the figure of 15,000 Swiss francs based on the estimates we got from our partners. I put it out and committed myself.

Then, fear crept in, and the questions followed; “how shall this thing be?”

I thought if I could find 150 friends willing to give 100.00 Swiss francs each, we will reach the goal. I made a list of friends. I wrote to as many as I could. I started the campaign here on the blog and the social media. At first, the response was trickling. I went back to the Lord in prayer and released my dream into His hands. He gave the assignment, He will surely give the grace to accomplish it. I ask Him for helpers to support the preparations. I asked Him to stir up the hearts of men in my favour. I asked Him to glorify His name in it all.

He did. Exceeding beyond my wildest imagination.

Today’s post is a catalogue of praise reports of the mysterious ways God worked to perform His wonders in our lives during the Hit The Street Campaign.

Destiny Helpers:
Help came from unexpected places. God raised up people who willingly went beyond the call of duty to expend time, energy and resources to support the preparations and the runs leading to the Charity Walk. They volunteered themselves and their families. They transported me to where I needed to be. They worked hours with me. They cooked, cleaned and ran errands. They worked from afar and on the ground via the social media and word of mouth to ensure we reached many more people. They simply served in remarkable ways beyond my expectation.

Prayer Partners:
Many without being asked, across many countries, stood in the gap. They prayed for safety, security, protection and that we may find favor before men. We felt the presence of God in our midst as we gathered in the hall to take off. The genuine joy and praise to God expressed throughout the walk is beyond description.

Getting ready
Prayers answered beyond what we asked for:
The weather forecast for the appointed day was all-day rain. Three days before the event, friends called me to find out if we were rescheduling or cancelling. My answer was a firm NO. I turned to the Lord. We prayed for a great weather during the walk. We woke up on Saturday morning to a chilly weather; it had rained overnight. A few minutes before the starting time, the clouds gathered, and it became windy. Barely 15 minutes into the walk, the fingers of God tipped the clouds away, and the sun came out. The weather throughout the walk was beyond what I ever asked for. It was simply great. The rains came later in the afternoon and ended the day with a rainbow—a reminder that God is a covenant-keeping God.

On The Street
The turnout was impressive. We had seventy people participating in the event. From the baby who supported his mother with receiving donations to the toddlers who went with their parents in their strollers and the young ones who walked several times around the building to make their 5km. My GP and two of my Physiotherapists joined us. I had surprise guests coming from Senegal and Ghana. And there were people I had never met before who heard and wanted to be a part of it. It was simply beyond my imagination!

Generous Givers:
I could devote a blog post to this. As the D-day drew near; my only confession was, “God can do beyond my imagination.” He did. It was mind-boggling!!! God simply opened the windows of Heaven; they gave and are still giving. It is just amazing how God stirred up the hearts of many on our behalf. Families, old friends, new friends and even those we barely knew from many nations—all rose to support this cause.

From young David M, who cheerfully donated his 5 euros, to the new partnership that we formed with an NGO, Center for Integrated Health, willing to support Chidiebere beyond the provision of his prosthetic limb. The Charity Fund is swelling with your generous donation beyond my wildest dream.

With my doctor + physiotherapists

When I lost my feet, little did I know that the experience will position me to extend limbs to other amputees so that they may rise and walk. Something great, marvelous and beyond imagination is springing out of my dark valley of many afflictions. All glory be to God Who turns our tests to testimonies.

Your silver and gold, which you are giving so generously, will ensure that Chidi, Olivet and other amputees like them will rise and walk again.  On their behalf, I thank you all from the depth of my heart. May the Lord Who owes no man richly bless and reward your labor love.

We ended the day with a Charity Dinner organized by Harambee4Africa, a local NGO in Geneva that promotes the well-being of less privileged African women, girls, orphans and youth. It was a great opportunity for the Feet of Grace to extend the reach of our fundraising efforts.

I give all praise and thanks to God Who made 2015 Hit The Street Charity Walk a successful reality beyond what I could ever ask for, dream or imagine. To You, O Lord, be all the glory!

When I go in relentless pursuit of a dream, my husband is on high alert. I bless God for my husband who gives me the space and support to dream, spread my wings and soar high. With quiet yet resilient strength, he knows when to rein me in so I can stay focused on the goal. I am so grateful to him and my sons, Ose and Ehi. You make me proud!!!

The 2015 Feet Of Grace Charity Walk has come to pass but the work has just begun. We have just flagged off the fundraising efforts. We will begin the real work with the Irede Foundation to get Chidi and Olivet through the process of acquiring their limbs. We will continue to raise funds for many more amputees to rise up and walk.

Make your silver and gold count for eternal value. Join us to extend limbs to amputees. Together, we are touching lives for good and changing lives for better. 


  1. Our God, the creator of heaven and earth, is an awesome wonder is the song I am singing as I read through this post. I'm thanking God for your life, that you have put in your all to align with the purpose of God for your life. I thank God for all the destiny helpers and encouragers God placed in your path, may God bless them richly.
    Gods word will not return to Him void, your feet of grace will take you to places your natural feet could never take you.
    I'm excited about the new thing God is doing through you to spread the gospel and bring life to your world.

    1. Dear Thecla, thank you very much for your visit to the blog and for your kind words. My earnest desire is to fulfill my God ordained purpose and to leave a lasting legacy. I thank God for His more than sufficient grace made available to each of us to fulfill destiny. May grace and blessings abound to you in increasing measures.

  2. Indeed God is great. All thanks and honour be his forver and ever. May God continue to bless you, Irene, and give you more strength, both physically and spiritually to do his work. Amen.


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