Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In the Waiting Room

I am writing to one person today.
To one person who is in the waiting room – that place where you  stay and hope for a favorable change in your situation or in the situation of a loved one.
To one person waiting – day and night.
To someone in an extended period of waiting — you have been waiting and waiting a long time. You can only see the end by faith and not by sight.
To one person for whom things appear to be contrary – you have prayed and prayed some more.

The waiting room—the place where you learn to hold on to the Word of God as if you next breath depends on it—the place where the Word becomes to you a life line.
Waiting in any form can be tough but it is essential.
What are you waiting for – a change, a breakthrough, an answer to prayer or a miracle?
Whatever it is, you can rejoice in the waiting room because God know you are there.
God takes note. He hears your deep, silent and unspoken cry. He notices you.
I simply love God. He works in amazing ways to assure you that He knows you are in the waiting room. Sometimes He sends His servants to confirm His Word just for you to know that He takes note of all that concerns you. He is God of knowledge. He knows where you are.
A short while ago, I testified of how God restored my strength and enabled me to do a number of things I had not been able to do for a long while. Barely a week afterwards, I noticed the symptoms return with fury. At first, I ignored it; I told myself I don’t have to accept its presence or message. I chose to focus on the truth, and that is – I am healed and I am delivered from the harassment of the affliction.
In a few more days, it got worse, I was struggling and I was angry but I knew I had to turn my energy to wage warfare against this encroachment on my health. One night, distressed with the choking, head resting on my hands, elbows burrowing into my laps, I sat on my bed and declared, “Thank You God, thank You because I have hope, thank You that I know Your promises concerning me.” I knew that without this assurance holding my heart trusting in the Lord, the cloud of heaviness and despair will envelop me. I asked God for a peaceful night rest, standing on the authority of His word – He gives His beloved sleep. I am His beloved. I am precious in His sight. I slept through the night.
The following morning God confirmed that He has His eyes on me in the waiting room. He sent me a message through His servant – a phone call from a dear Sister who declared to me the Word God placed on her heart concerning me. It was timely and on target. I was overwhelmed. It got to me the way God assured me that He takes notice of me.  He is taking note of every detail of my life – what I am doing in His service, what I am struggling with and what I am going through. Nothing about me is hidden from Him. In a flash, the cloud of despair dissipated and my spirit was elated.
Be assured, dear friend, God takes notice of you in the waiting room. He will confirm His Word to you in mysterious ways. So while you are waiting you can draw on the infinite resources of His grace. You can make your time in the waiting room worthwhile by being busy doing good. You can let the time count for something of eternal value.
Your waiting time is a time to nourish the seed you have planted – with praise, with prayer, and with abundant patience.
 Your waiting room can become the presence room where you wait in the presence of God to comfort and strengthen you, the place where you can experientially declare, “Thou art with me.” It can be a time of refreshing and renewal in His presence.
While Joseph was waiting for his dream to come true, he maintained an exemplary character in the face of temptation, he was an excellent worker in the prison and he was attentive to the needs of others. He used the gifts and talents God blessed him with to meet the need of others. And he was still waiting for his heart desire to be fulfilled.
You too have been blessed with a gift, a talent or a skill which can be used to bless lives around you while you are waiting. There is something in your hands you can release to be used of God to add value to the lives of others. Everyone has something in their hands – no one is empty handed. Give and be assured that God will honor His word.
To you, my dear friend in the waiting room, I write:
Be at rest. Let His peace enfold you.
Be creative, be passionate and be zealous at doing good.
Wait with hope. Wait with expectation.  Wait with patience. Wait trusting in God. Wait doing good.
Though things may be contrary to your dream and desire now, don’t give up, don’t give in, hold on tenaciously to your dream and give it all you have got.
Watch out for God. Be attentive to hear His voice and the confirmation of His everlasting love for you.
When and how will it end?
 I can’t give an answer, but this much I know, it will be a demonstration of the sovereignty of God and a display of His power at work in you. For Joseph, it happened – at that moment, in a flash – the years of waiting were wiped out.
For you too, the end point will bear God’s signature if you wait on God.

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord” – Ps 27:14


  1. Hi Auntie Irene, the most difficult ingredient of suffering is time. when the pain is short and sharp it is easily endured but when sorrow and pain drags on sometimes you get weary. I need the grace to keep faith because it is not easy.

  2. Dear Friend, God's store of grace for you is infinite and you can draw on it at anytime because He loves you. He can make your stumbling block into a stepping stone and a ministry out of what you are going through if you ask Him. It is well with you.


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