Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Your Tears are Stored Up

Sometimes we cry for joy. Sometimes we cry in sorrow.
Sometimes in sweet communion with God and deep appreciation of His immense love for me, singing in adoration and worship, I am overwhelmed, my voice breaks, tears begin to flow and I am unable to hold back.
I recall the times when distressed and in pain, my eyes overflowed with tears, streaming down the sides of my face until they fell in drops off my jaw line and pooled on my chest. Those times when I have cried, “Oh God, I know You are my Father, just take this cup of affliction away from me.”
And there are times of agonizing prayers when like a child I wept a bucketful at the feet of my God entreating Him on behalf of someone dear to me or for an issue grieving my heart.
Maybe you too have had instances when you have flooded the altar of the Lord with tears, and there are various reasons for which you have cried.
What comfort and what consolation to know that God has collected all our tears in His bottle and He has recorded each one of them in His book (Ps 56:8). God has kept an account of your tossing and has placed your tears in His bottle. They are recorded in His book of remembrance. It is a delightful reminder that God has the exact and intimate knowledge of us to the extent that even our tears matter to Him. Nothing about us, where we are and what we are going through is hidden from Him.

David comforted himself in His distress with the assurance and confidence that God noticed all his grievances and grieves. He trusted God to be considerate of his tears as to store them up. He was saying to God, “Come close to me and behold my tears.”He asked God to keep it always before Him and to be reminded of him. In so doing, he expressed the great tenderness with which God cares for His children.
When his friends scorned and mocked him, Job poured out his tears before God (Job16:20). He turned to God with firm confidence. Pouring out tears before God is like pouring out one’s soul and God takes notice of it. God loves us so much that He is touched by our burdens, our anguish of heart and feeling of infirmities.
God hears your prayers. He sees of your tears. God remembers the affliction, grieves and distresses of His children. And we have a High Priest in Christ Jesus Who is touched by our feeling of infirmity. He sympathizes with our weaknesses.
We have these great promises for every state we may find ourselves when we turn to God with hope and confidence. Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy (Ps126:15). Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning (Ps 30:5b). No matter how long and dark the night maybe, it will always turn to morning. The dawn of a new day brings the hope of a new beginning.
Your tears are not forgotten, and they have not fallen to the ground unnoticed. God has taken account of them. He will act on your behalf. Your tears are stored up before Him. This is an expression of the God’s tender loving kindness for you, which in turn must evoke an affirmation of unwavering confidence in God, and an outburst of heartfelt praise.
Let your heart be lifted up, you have a loving Father in Heaven; He sees each one of your tears as they fall.

He Knows My Name by Maranatha Singers

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