Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Get the Picture

"That is the picture of what it would look like when the construction is finished."

My husband commented as we drove  past a huge billboard with a picture of the conference centre under construction at the intersection after Nations  in Geneva.

The billboard announced to us and all passing by, what a magnificent edifice the building  would be when the work is finished.

At the moment, the project has no semblance whatsoever with picture—it is all cranes, scaffolding and concrete. But the picture tells us what the builder is working towards.

We've got the picture of the finished product.

I see another picture — yes, a picture of me…

… leaping with hands lifted high and spread towards the heavens—full of life, full of strength and freed from all encumbrances …

… in a track suit and sneakers jogging along the road by the lake in the cool of the evening with gentle breeze caressing my face …

I see a picture of me…

…travelling far and near, sharing my story before a congregation and inspiring hope in those faced with challenging situations…

I got this picture in front of me, framed in gold and fixed on the board of God's promises for me.

It will cause many to be filled with wonder and amazement, absolutely astounded, asking, is this not the same person…? (Act 3:10)

And everyone who see me shall be amazed—filled with awe and they shall give praise to God, glorifying Him Who has done this thing in my life (Luke 5: 17-29). Declaring that they have seen a remarkable thing.

They saw it. It was visible. It was made manifest.

So shall it be—the picture of me.

God has a picture of me inscribed (engraved) on the palms of His hands. I am always in His sight and kept in His remembrance. He has a picture in His mind when He made me. He is working out His purpose in me everyday to shape me, like gold being crafted by the goldsmith, until I am conformed to that image.

I can begin the jubilation now and celebrate in anticipation, indeed great is my expectation because faithful is He Who has promised. He will not fail.

Faith is seeing the finished product while it is still on the production line.

God's Word pronounced concerning me has the divine power to restore life, strength and health to me, just as it did to that 12 year old girl in Mark 5:42, and she got up and began to walk around. They who saw her were completely astonished and totally amazed.

Being so fully persuaded of the fulfilment of God's promises in my life, I am devoting this month to celebrating the victory God has wrought on my behalf and on behalf of my family - immediate and extended. The victory and deliverance purchased for us through the Blood of Jesus.

To begin the season of jubilations, I was ecstatic with joy on Monday—

Served with a delightful cake
of the finest sort
not made by hands
ingredients—choice selections
from scores so dear
far and near.

My cake —
baked with love,
layered with much prayers
covered with fondant of good wishes.

Never a cake
so richly composed
of divine promises
skilfully crafted around the edges
an exquisite lacy design and garlands
each holding a message of hope and love

Light as air, laden with favour
its velvety softness caressed
the roof of my mouth
dissolving into a burst of flavours
on my tongue, as I savour
its sumptuous richness.

A resounding shout
of praise
and Amen,
burst from my heart
like water from broken dam
I am truly loved

I was totally overwhelmed last Monday with the record-breaking phone calls and messages from scores of families and friends. Indeed, my heart rejoices in the God of my salvation. I appreciate you all. God bless you richly.

Got the picture?

Can you see the picture of what you would be like when this period of trials, testing, afflictions and challenges is over?

Can you see the picture God has in mind for you based the promises He has pronounced concerning you?

Now is the time to get the picture!

Each time we look at the picture, it is reinforced in our minds, a reminder of what is coming soon.

Get that picture and keep it in view.

My heart overflows with praise and resounding joy reading this blog post over again today. It is more than three years ago since I wrote this post, I can testify that it came to pass even better than I pictured it.
- I am healed and restored. I am living a full and vibrant life without any encumbrances
- I am traveling far and near sharing the testimony of God's faithfulness and amazing grace.
- I recently walked 6.93km as part of a Charity Walk to raise funds for amputees living in poor communities.
And I am doing much more. Simply because of the amazing love and faithfulness of God to keep His promises. Rejoice with me.

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