Thursday, July 25, 2013

For A Purpose And A Reason

There has been an overwhelming response from families and friends after I shared I Am Back and Kept By The Hands Of God both on the blog and by email. Many of the responses had one message in common beyond joining me to rejoice and give thanks to God, and that is, God has a grand plan for my life.

I have pondered on this truth. I was encouraged to take time to dwell in the presence of God to seek His face to make His grand purpose plain and clear.

Walking The Rough Path:
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In agreement with Rosann Cunningham of, I also can say "My life has been a non-stop roller coaster ride of faith-building and character-refining trials." God's sovereign hand and control over my life has often placed me in humbling circumstances.

Many years of struggling for breath, the fear of not knowing when things could suddenly go wrong, numberless long stay in the hospital over twenty years, many times flat on my back and confined within four walls. This time, oscillating between the bed and wheel chair for months, loss of independence and autonomy, and at the mercy of others. On top of these, food becomes monotonous, eating a challenge and often with pain. And this is just a tip of the ice-berg of the many challenges, distress and discomfort I suffered.

At such times as described above, it can be too much to bear. Even the most righteous will find it hard to hold back some grumbling and murmuring. It takes grace, divine strength and the knowledge of God's love for you not to focus on the challenges and the little irritations which seems to mushroom the more you think about them.

Not surprising, once you get into that mode, the enemy will bring more stuff to irritate and distress you. So what do you do? I tell you, I have had my fair share of this inward struggle. It takes grace, grace and more grace not to go off track like a derailed train with devastating effects, such as despair, despondency and discouragement.

Things can get to the point where you cry out, "I had enough, I can't take any more."  Prophet Elijah went through such a valley of discouragement and despondency. But see the way God ministered  and revealed Himself to Elijah at the lowest point in his life. He also revealed the purpose He wanted him to fulfil (1Kings 19).

At first, when I contemplated on the limitations the current situation imposed on me, I was confused. I was angry. I wanted to know why. I felt I did not need this kind of complication in my life after all I had been through.

In the midst of my emotional struggle dealing with these complications I had after the first surgery, which necessitated a second surgery, a dear Sista said to me, "No one expects you to be a super Christian, you can approach God and tell Him how you feel, you can ask why, and you can pour out your heart before Him. He is your Father, He will wrap His arms around you and comfort you." That was exactly what I did. He did wrap His arms around me and spoke His peace into my heart, giving me an assurance of what He is about.

This is when an understanding of God as a God of purpose becomes a life-saver.

This situation is for a purpose. I am being processed and refined to fulfill destiny. Last year, I wrote; There Is Purpose In The Process. That message is more real to me now. I refuse to miss the comfort God has for me through this situation. Most importantly, this is not about me, it is for the glory of God to be put on display in my life and for many lives to be impacted and touched for good.

My husband and many others encouraged me; "Focus on the victory God has given you and all He brought you through. Keep the ultimate goal in view, that is, fulfilling your God-given purpose," they said to me. I have come too far to give up now. God gave me the special gift of grace to regain my cheerfulness and to remain positive and focused. Having such an assurance that God's dealings with me are for a reason and a purpose has been a great encouragement.

He ministered to my heart that this situation will only be a limitation if I allow it to be. He has given me the feet of grace to break away from the restrictions and to enable me fulfill His calling upon my life.

We have a choice to view God by our situation or to view our situation through God.

God of Purpose:

There is a divine purpose for everything that happens to us in life. I know for sure that there is a reason for the experiences  and rough roads God has taken me through. Because I know God is a God of precision. Not one event in our lives is purposeless. It is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, which has a definite place to occupy for the final picture to be complete.

Stormie Omatian wrote on her Facebook page; "Don’t let the storms of trials, struggle, grief, or suffering (affliction), make it hard for you to see what is ahead. There is always a place of  calm, light, clarity and peace to be found, if you will take God's Hands and let Him lift you above your circumstances into His rest, comfort and protection."

In the midst of your trials and sufferings, be assured that it is God's purpose and counsel for you that will prevail (Prov. 19:21). God's plans stands forever and the purpose of His heart remains through all generations (Ps. 33:11, NIV). Job said, "God performs His plans for me." What He wants to do is what He does (Job 23: 13-14). God is unchangeable (Heb 6:17). He is working out His purpose in us when He takes through the rough path..

God's purpose for me is definite, unique and unchangeable.

Because of the unchangeableness of  God's purpose and plans, we who are called to inherit the promise can have indwelling strength and strong encouragement to hold fast to hope appointed for us (Heb 6: 18). This hope is a sure anchor for our soul, holding firm and secure through our trials and struggles.

"Hope is the light shinning in the darkness of disappointment."
- Sarah Young (Author, Jesus Today Devotionals)

Jesus walked the rough path to the rugged cross at Calvary for the purpose of reconciling us to the Father. On that rough path, He was beaten, spat on and jeered at, yet He did not utter a word. He is our perfect example.

I have learnt that being the Beloved of God does not grant us immunity from sufferings, tests and trials. If we are heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ Jesus, we must of necessity suffer with Him, if we are to share in His glory (Rom. 8:17). I have also learnt a deeper depth of hope and faith through my tests and sufferings.

"Faith is a mindset that expects God will act no matter what happens. No matter what I may be going through."

I know that I am going to the nations, that much has been impressed upon my heart. The more I dwell in God's presence in obedience, the more He will reveal His plans for me. He will give me step-by-step directions. I wait with great expectation for God's grand design for my life to unfold.

Whatever you may be going through at this moment, never give up, hold fast to hope, God is working out His purpose in you. Be assured that God has a unique and unchangeable plan for your life, if you will trust Him with your life.


  1. Your words are such an inspiration to me, Irene.

    1. I give praise and glory to God, my sista. That's one of my greatest heart desire apart from dwelling in the centre of His will. Blessings to you.


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