Thursday, August 1, 2013

Make The Next Move Forward

My son recently introduced me to a game, in the bid of having something fun to do while I pass the time in the hospital. It is about moving coloured bubbles and aligning them according to their colours to get a score. There is a goal set for you at the beginning— to clear specified type of bubbles within a given number of moves or set time, and/or to achieve  a specified score.

At first, I just played without a clear understanding of the importance of each move. I soon learnt that if I want to achieve the set goal, each move counts. I learnt that I have to prepare the ground for an important move, I have to be strategic with the moves so I can clear the obstacles, and since I don't know what is coming next, I have to be cautious how I make a move.

Stepping Forward:

On June 20, 2013, I stood up straight and erect between parallel bars, with mixed feeling. Happy that after a long period of  lying flat on my back, then oscillating between the bed and the wheel chair, I was finally able to get off my rear, which by this time was hurting, and stand up even though it was for a few minutes.

At the same moment, I was upset as I looked at the provisional feet of grace and thought that was what I will have to move around with. The reality of what had happened suddenly dawned on me. I revolted against it. Focusing on the limitation it posed, the pain and the difficulty almost overshadow the joy of standing again. In the blog post last week, I shared how God ministered His peace into my heart and brought me through that valley.

Being able to stand up was such an achievement. At first, I was wobbly and unstable, and needed to be supported. The following day, I took my first step forward. It was with great difficulty and pain but I was walking, I moved forward as I took a few steps more. I never thought that putting one step forward after the other could be such a challenging task!

By the end of that week, I was able to walk the length of the parallel bars, a distance of about 3 meters. Since then and within the past month, I have moved from walking 20 meters to 200 meters with the support of a wheeler.  This week, I started walking with  the crutches, and as at the time of writing this blog spot, I have been able to walk a distance of 100 meters with crutches supported by the Physiotherapist. Praise be to God, I am moving forward.

Each step is taking me closer to my goal, and that is, to be fit and ready to go back home early in August. I am regaining my autonomy each day. I was able to go to the toilet unaccompanied and without assistance. The nurses, caregivers, therapists and doctors are amazed at the mileage I am making and the speed at which I am making it. They always express surprise at how much things I can do by myself now. One commented in French, that I am rendering her jobless!

My husband said that many will see me walking and will declare — "that is grace on the move."

Next Steps:

During my hospital stay, I have had time to ponder on my dreams, heart desires and fulfilling my destiny according to the will of God. I want to fulfil my God-given purpose. In line with the above, the following goals stood out in my heart, for which I am trusting God for grace, strength, guidance and direction to pursue.

  • To be a motivational / Inspirational speaker:
    •  My prayer is that God will qualify me as a vessel filled up by Him and poured out into the lives of the people He will bring my way across many nations, to inspire hope in them.
  • Become an accomplished and published writer:
    • The book I have been writing for years - "Empowered For Victory" now has a beautiful  conclusion to the glory of God. It is time to complete and release it, so that lives it is meant to touch for good will hold the book in their hands. There are a few more writing projects God has laid on my heart which I must now give attention to as well.
  • I desire to have an income generating venture which will outlive me and be passed on to the next generation:
    • I asked God for an innovative idea that will make a difference. I pray for wisdom and leading by the Holy Spirit to find and recognize this venture and to forge the right partnerships to move it forward

The only way to accomplish these dreams and goals is to conscientiously identify what needs to done and take the necessary steps towards achieving them. I am also conscious that many are the plans in person's heart but it is the Lord's purpose that will prevail (Proverbs 19:21). Ultimately, it is God's purpose for my life that I want accomplished. And that is why we must commit our thoughts and desires to God in prayer and wait in His presence for clarity and guidance.

Your Move:

Audrey Joe-Ezigbo wrote on her blog - "Uniquely Woman" - "Whatever the Lord lays in your heart to do… even if you are afraid, even if you are uncertain of the outcome… Just do it! Regardless of how daunting it might seem, make that first move and then leave the rest to Him."

You may find it challenging and daunting to take the first step but if you want to accomplish a goal or live a dream or walk in your destiny and the purpose God  has for you, that one step forward you must of necessity take. As you take each baby step soon your gait becomes steady and smooth, and you find yourself in a well synchronized rhythm, which takes you forward each step you take. Soon you are on your way and nothing can stop you.

However, if you do not pay attention to God's leading and direction, you will get distracted and begin to vacillate and dissipate energy. You are also likely to miss opportunities to make good moves. God has a limitless ability to help us and move us in the right direction when we yield and submit to His will. There is a difference between getting results and your desired outcome, and just getting busy.

Now is the time to begin to prepare what you need to accomplish your God-given goal, do not procrastinate a day longer, make that move forward today.

Today, I have the definitive feet of grace to take each step forward. It is a lot better than the provisional one. As God ministered to me, the feet of grace will help me to get my assignment done, so I am adapting to it everyday. I am enjoying moving around. It gives such joy, sense of accomplishment and liberty. I give praise to God.

Dear Friends, what dreams and desires has God placed on your heart? What are you doing about them? What is holding you back? It is my joy to encourage you to take the next step forward today.


  1. Praise be to God for each step. What a Glory sister Irene! You bring us His beauty and kindness. You remind us of His power. Thank you for being our inspiration, for giving us motivation, for sharing your word and experience with us. By God's grace you'll find the right partnership to move forward the venture's idea. I'll pray about that. Keep strong. You're highly blessed. :-)

    1. Dear Juliana, I simply bless and give praise to God for faithfulness. He has been good indeed. Thanks for your visit and for praying along with me. I wait patiently to see God's plans and purpose unfold. God bless you richly and keep watch over you. Warm thots.

  2. "that is grace on the move." What a beautiful line. I thank God for your life, Irene.

    1. Yes indeed, it is really beautiful, CN. Thank you. I was truly touched, blessed and encouraged by the line. Grace is on the move. More on that soon! God bless you.


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